Sunday, March 29, 2009

Book of Ink Circles Update

Here is my latest update on Book of Ink Circles after a week of stitching....I've finished all the counting, just need to fill in the borders. The second picture is the last square of the pattern I customized it a bit - I changed the "20" in "2009" to "KK" for my initials...and then when I did that, I needed to widen out the "0" and the "9" so that it would match the K's, if that makes any sense. I'm sad to see this SAL come to a close (I'm a little behind everyone else finishing it up, but it will happen soon enough.....). It's been fun, and it's introduced me to Tracy's patterns, which could be a dangerous thing. One of the next things coming up on my list is going to have to be Growth Rings that's in Just Cross Stitch. I have the magazine, but I haven't kitted it up yet.

Thank you to Tracy for sharing this wonderful pattern with us - and thank you to all of you for checking out my blog!

(And keep your fingers crossed - my nephew's national tournament for hockey is this week! I'll keep you posted!!).
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

MawMaw's Quilt Update

Here is MawMaw's Quilt after another week. This bottom triangle is kind of fun - it's solid stitching, but not a lot of counting since it's a pattern of triangles. I think I've discovered an error in the pattern (I think I can correct it myself), but I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has either stitched or at least has the pattern. There is a spot on the bottom of this triangle that shows a rectangle of all one color, but I don't think that's right. The rest of the pattern is made up of squares divided diagonally, so that area seems odd to me. I have e-mailed M-Designs to see if they agree with the error issue - there is nothing on their website.

This week it's back to BoInk. I have one square to finish, and then a lot of border work to do.

Thanks for checking out my blog!!!
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dollhouse Update

Here is my latest update on my Victorian dollhouse - it's coming along - it's fun to stitch....not a lot of fractionals or confetti stitches. I like the colors, they're nice and bright and cheerful. It's kind of my lunch project, but since I'm only working two days a week, it's also my Girls' Night Out project every other Friday! That helps, it gives me about four or five hours of straight stitching.

Thanks for looking!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Angel of Cross Stitch Update

I made some decent project on my Angel of Cross Stitch this week. It's coming along - I like whoever gave me the idea of doing the border a little bit at a time. The first day I start on this project in my rotation I devote to the border. I don't worry about how much time I stitch on the first day - it's whatever stitching time I have that day. It seems to work - it keeps me from losing my mind with the confetti stitches.

On a non-stitching note - the job hunt is plodding along. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon - it's a follow up to a telephone interview I had, which seemed to go pretty well. So, I have my fingres crossed.

And my nephew's hockey team made it to the national tournament in Pittsburgh PA in April! It's quite the accomplishment for his team since this is the first year his skating rink has had a team play at this particular level. It's also meaningful because it's his last year playing junior hockey - he'll be 18 in July. So...keep your fingers crossed for him!

Once again, thanks for checking out my blog!
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monopoly "landmark" reached

Well, I've finished the outer border of Monopoly, and got the first letter for the center logo done (obviously)! I'm very excited to have reached this point. The lettering is a little "tougher" going, just because there are a lot of quarter stitchers (because of the lettering being on an angle) and I'm stitching on aida.'s not horrible, just would be a little easier if it was over 2.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Book of Ink Circles - the Home Stretch I am down to one remaining square on Boink. I have the pattern printed....but alas, my week on BoInk is done. will be a few weeks before I get back to it. more square, plus the borders. I'm happy with the way it's turning out, In hindsight I would have done a little different blues and yellows...a couple of the blues are too close together and a couple of the yellows are too close together...but since I've never chosen my own colors I'm okay with that! LOL
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