Sunday, July 27, 2008

BoInk Block One

Well, I finished the first block on BoInk. I'm doing it all it all in blues and yellows. I wasn't sure about the bright yellow (and I don't know if I'm 100% sure now) but it's growing on me. I'm trying to work my way over to the section that will be released next...of course, I will still have to go back and catch up.

Now I have a week of stitching on the Angel of Cross Stitch. I didn't get any time in on Monopoly today - met with my So Cal stitching group for breakfast, and even though I took it with me, it was just too big and awkward to stitch on at the restaurant. Then I came home and took a nap for an hour or so (guess I was more tired from being at the fair last night than I realized). Then it was off to Larry's going away party (my brother-in-law who is relocating to Utah for an internship for a year). Got home around 9:30 or so, and just didn't feel like pulling it out and starting on it that late. So decided to update my blog instead!

The other thing was this week I got my dollhouse pattern from Leslie which was awesome. I don't know where it will be on my list of projects....but it is a really cool pattern.

Not much else exciting going on - same old same old! LOL!!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Monopoly Update - 7/20/08

Here's my latest progress update on Monopoly. My "guy" in jail looks a little odd, but that's what the pattern says! LOL

I hadn't posted an update last week because I just hadn't gotten much time in on it last week, so not much progress. But here we go again!!!

And here's the bigger picture - literally:

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Angel of Cross Stitch

Well, another week, another progress update on Angel of Cross Stitch. It's funny how you can't see the forest for the trees when you're stitching. I was working on the patch of yellow, blue, and white/gray in the lower left, and it was kind of hard to see what it was (I knew, but wasn't really "seeing" it). Now in the picture it's like "Oh, of's her foot!!! And it's on a pillow or a rug or something!".

Now today it's Monopoly, then tomorrow I'll be back to BoInk. At work I'm doing "I'd Rather Be 50 Than Pregnant" and it's nice to have a light fluffy stitching project. I started it last Monday, and I THINK I'll finish it this week coming up. It's fun!!
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Started Book of Ink Circles

Well, I started on BoInk this past week. I'm doing mine in yellows and blues. I'm not sure about the bright yellow that's in the top center of this square....we'll have to see! But I'm enjoying stitching it so far. I have a ways to go to catch up to everyone else!!!
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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's FINISHED!!!!!

It's finished!!! I'm very happy, I finished "Walking to Town". It was the first project I started last fall (I want to say I started it right around Labor Day) but I really only stitched it at work on my lunch hour. And I took a month off between Thanksgiving and Christmas to concentrate on Christmas ornaments.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but the floating dots are beads. As usual, it called for French knots, but I refuse to get aggravated! I substituted clear Mill Hill beads, and they do look nice and sparkly, I must say.

I'm not sure whether I'm going to frame this, make it into a pillow, or what. But it's done, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. Now to figure out a NEW lunch project. I think I'm going to work on "I'd Rather be 50 than Pregnant" for Jodi for her birthday in December. I'm thinking Christmas stuff (gifts, etc) may be my next set of lunch time projects. But....that can always change!

Thanks for looking.
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Monopoly Board

Well, here is my latest progress update on the Monopoly board. I have almost finished the first side. At first, I was thinking that meant I was 25% done, but then I remembered the probably more like 20% done. I'm figuring each side is 20% and then the middle is 20%...just roughly.

I also made some changes to my rotation. I worked a little bit this last week on my fractal bookmark, but it's just not doing it for me these days. I found it hard to get motivated, I'm going to set it aside for a while. A temporary UFO, if you will!

So, I kitted up about five things while Joann's had their floss on sale. The five things were floss for Frederick the Literate (I bought it as a kit, couldn't find the pattern anywhere alone) but I don't like the fabric or the, bought new stuff...a cute pattern from Patterns Online that says "I'd rather be 50 than pregnant" (a good friend turns 50 in December), a Christmas picture with Santa and a reindeer, a Lizzie Kate (Live, Love, Laugh), and finally (believe it or not!) BoInk in 4 shades of blue and 4 shades of yellow. I'm still not sure how the rotation is going to go.

I'm almost done with Walking to Town (my work project) so one of those will be my project for work. I should finish up this week. I have one more little section of backstitching, and then the scattered beads (they're supposed to be French knots, but not ME! LOL).

Who knows...I think I'll start BoInk this week, and see where I can get to. I think I'll be perpetually behind the releases, but that's okay. I've just enjoyed watching everyone else's progress, and must admit to being a little I had to start it!

That's it for now!
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