Sunday, June 28, 2009

A couple of progress updates

Woohoo!!! I finished another page on the dollhouse picture! The pages on this are a little weird because it was in a magazine - so some pages are actually two or three different sections. But in this really was a full page. This one is a lot of fun to stitch...but it gets a little neglected. It's my work project (except I'm only working two days a week now, so I've lost three other lunch hours/week) and it was my Girls' Night Out project (when our stitching group was getting together every other Friday night). But....we've kind of quit doing Girls' Night Out because the store changed their hours - they close an hour earlier, so it's really hard for those members who work to feel like they get enough time in. I can't fault the store - apparently by closing an hour earlier, they were able to save enough money to avoid any layoffs.

And this is my update on "Stop and Stitch the Flowers" - a Blue Ribbon Designs. This is another real easy stitch (I guess I felt like I needed a couple to make up for MawMaw's Quilt and Angel of Cross Stitch!). I'm doing one block at a time so I don't get tired of all the green outlining.

And Naomi liked her cube yesterday - although she was a little confused with the bow on top, she thought it was something she got to open! LOL Her recital was cute but LONG (all sorts of age groups - I think I would have enjoyed it more if they did just the little kids in the afternoon and the older kids in the evening. Instead they did EVERYONE in the afternoon, and everyone except the little kids in the evening. So those poor folks had to do it all twice! (Thanks goodness NOT Naomi's group!)

Anyway - thank you (as always) for checking out my blog. I do appreciate it!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finished No Sew Cube!!

Well, here are some finished pictures of my no sew cube for Naomi - she dances today, so nothing like assembling it right at the last minute! I had a hard time finding the right size piece of styrofoam (the piece is probably a little big for a no sew cube) so I ended up with an 8 x 8 x 8 inch cube. Not my first choice, but it worked. I didn't quite finish it the way I would normally (with a band of fabric around the sides top and bottom) instead I used one solid piece of fabric and that's why the back isn't perfect. The bottom is a little rocky too, but not horrible. And it's for a five year old, so perfection is probably not necessary!!

It's not real clear on the pictures - the fabric has ballet slippes in pink and peach intertwined with ribbons, and the bows on top are one cream colored and one pink - sheer ribbon with sparkles in it. I think it's very girly and cute for our little ballerina! (Well - my friend's granddaughter ballerina!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Angel of Cross Stitch

Woohoo!!! I'm onto the last page of Angel...well.....not counting the border. I am doing the border the first day each time this comes up in the rotation because it makes me crazy!!!

I found an error (or at least I think it's an error) that wasn't listed on my list of errors. For anyone else who has the pattern, take a look on the lettering on the sampler in the background - I think there's one row where the blue stitch is off by one. I think it was the L, M, N area...seemed like if I stitched it the way it was charted, the letters would have been crooked. (It could have been the U or V area, I don't remember now). Anyway, just a heads up because I know a couple of people were talking about stitching this one.

Yesterday we had a family get together at the lake near my parents house. It's a man made lake that's a membership thing, and they allow non gasoline powered boats on the lake (you can rent the boats you pedal, or sail boats, or little fishing boats with electric motors, or party boats with electric motors). The weather was kind of yucky - cool (cold by Southern California standards!) and cloudy, so it was a shame because the kids couldn't go swimming. But didn't stop the boat riding! The get together was to celebrate Fathers Day and my mom's birthday (which was last Tuesday). It was a lot of fun - and if anyone wants pasta salad, let me know, and I'll download some to you - I have WAY too much left over!! LOL

Thanks for checking out my blog!!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Start This Week

So I started this pattern this past week - since I had two finishes in the last month I got to start two new things!

I'm thinking the next time this one coms up in the rotation, I'll be able to finish it. Pretty straightforward stitching, and some backstitching and some Mill Hill Beads. I think the designer is AnnaLee Waite - not someone I was familiar with until this pattern.

Anyway - thanks for looking!
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Sunday, June 7, 2009's been a while!

I've been busy with some spring cleaning (well, really looking for something for my dad, and it turned into spring cleaning, which turned into stash organization) no updates for a couple of weeks. Then last week my camera card and my computer had a falling out and weren't on speaking terms, so I couldn't post anything. I'm back, and I have a couple weeks worth of updates to post (and a short rant at the end).This is my project I stated the week before last. It's called "Stop and Stitch the Flowers" and it's by Blue Ribbon Designs. It doesn't show up on the picture but I'm stitching it on a light blue fabric. I like it because it's straight forward stitching, and I'm kind of doing one block at a time. (And no, I haven't forgotten my alphabet - C, D, and E are on the next page of the pattern! LOL). Blue Ribbon Designs has a bunch of these types of patterns - they're 10 squares by 10 squares, alternating letters and designs, and they all have different themes. There's a St. Patricks Day one that I have in my stash, along with Halloween, Christmas, patriotic, and a bunch more. I like them, so I suspect I'll be doing more of these!

This past week I stitched on MawMaw's Quilt - I did the little triangle in the bottom right corner, and the lower right hand corner diamond (there's still more to do on that - each of those diamonds get partially filled in). It looks like I'm doing this in kind of a weird order, but it's because of which pieces are fully contained on one page of the pattern and which aren't - that center diamond is actually spread over four pages of pattern, so I'm holding off on that one til the bitter end. This one is a challenge for me, just because it's over 2 on 40 count linen, but I like it!
Now for my mini-rant. I mentioned that I did some stash organization - part of it was just gathering up some miscellaneous "stuff" I had around the house that was stitching related. So, I needed a second container (I have my stitching stuff all in "Sterilite" brand containers). I had one mid-size container (kind of file box size - it has all my supplies that I'm not currently using - stitching fabric, backing fabric, ribbon, perforated paper, etc, as well as finished projects that aren't framed or whatever), one container that was the same dimensions but shorter (that has current stuff in my rotation in it), plus four shoeboxes with my floss in numerical order in the Floss-Away type bags.
So my first run-in with Sterilite was that I wanted another file size box. to Wally World (aka Wal-Mart) to buy another box like the old one. Nope....don't have it any off to a second Wally World and to Target...only to NOT find the same box. So, I buy another box, but although it's the same size, they don't stack very well (the lid of one doesn't fit the bottom of the other). So...I'll suffer.
Then I had decided that I was tired of my Floss-Away bags not standing up straight, I bought some notecards to put inside the bags, figuring that they would stand up better (which they do!). Of course, if they aren't sliding all over the place, they take up more room. guessed to buy more boxes. And...would you believe - they've changed the shoeboxes TOO???? I have a total of eight shoeboxes in two stacks of four. And there's such a difference in size that the stack of four new ones is almost a full box taller than the stack of four of the old ones!
I give up! I'm all for nicer, newer, prettier designs and shapes. - but can't they make the cut outs on the lids the same as the bottoms of the older containers so that they still all stack?????
Anyway...done ranting - now I'm off to start another new project! It's the second new one lately, since I had finished BoInk and Monopoly last month!
Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving! Have a great week all!