Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spanish Geometric Sampler

Well, I finished the third page on the Spanish Geometric Sampler. The fourth page is the smallest of the four pages (the pattern's not evenly divided). This is a fun travel project! After the stitching is done, then it gets a bunch of green and purple beads - that's green beads and purple beads, not green and purple on the same bead! LOL
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Okay - going to try this posting again. I thought I had it, but alas, the picture didn't work! I found that out when Gabi and Julie sent me messages and said "Nope, didn't work!"

So, I thought I would try it a second time. I can't pull pictures into my blog from blogger, but I can seem to "push" them from Picasa, so that's how I'm doing it. We'll see if it posts better this time!

Anyway, AS I ALREADY TYPED ONCE....LOL.....I've been remiss. This picture was taken on July 12th, two days after my "Page 1 is done" picture. It was the progress I made from the time I took that picture until the time I took my HAED out of my rotations for a couple of weeks. I was working on a couple of little things, but they're gifts for people who sometimes check out my blog, so....can't post them here.

Meanwhile, I've been BUSY the last couple of weekends. Two weeks ago was my sister's 50th birthday party with the family. We went to a lake near my parents' house, and had a nice day. My other sister and I had made her a poster with pictures of her, and we all bought her gift certificates to pamper herself - a massage, and a manicure / pedicure. So hopefully she'll take advantage of it!

Then last weekend (Friday) we went to a free concert in the park with that same sister to see a Rod Stewart tribute band. It was a nice evening - people bring chairs, blankets, food, and drinks and hang out and listen to the music. They even had a dance floor. Saturday I had a reunion with some former co-workers from a job that I worked at from 1989 - 1999. There were about 30 of us there, and it was an awesome day. We were at the beach (always rough! NOT!) and had beautiful weather. Then on Sunday I had tickets with friends to see Mary Poppins (the stage version). I LOVED IT!!! I think I enjoyed it more than my friends 7 1/2 year old daughter, and I'm proud to say so. Mary Poppins is my favorite Disney movie.

Then last night we went to our county fair. I like to go look at the arts and crafts stuff, and the fine arts stuff (photography and painting). I was a little disappointed in the seems like every year there is less and less. And I hadn't been last year (and I don't remember if I went the year before) but they've changed how they display the stitched stuff. It used to be that in various sections there would kind of be themes....and there might be quilts, china paintings, knitting, crocheting, sewing AND stitched stuff that fit that theme (Christmas, Halloween, Babies, Patriotic, Weddings). Now they have a spot for cross-stitching, a spot for knitting, a spot for crocheting, etc. I liked the old way better because people who might be looking at the knitting might see something cross-stitched and become interested. Now unless you're already interested, you're not going to see the stitched stuff. The stuff that was there was pretty, but there just wasn't enough of it!

Anyway - this is a LONG post - I sure hope the picture works this time.

And in a minute, I'm going to try to post a picture of my Spanish Geometric Sampler.....
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Page 1 Done

Okay - so this is my first HAED ever - and I'm counting each page as a "mini-finish". So I've finished page 1, and I'm getting ready to start page 2.

Some statistics (probably only interesting to me, but.....LOL)
Started - 5/15/11
Finished - 7/5/11
Days Stitched - 25 Days
Time Stitched - 79 1/2 Hours
Stitches - 7,840
Percent Completed - 3.73%

Now onto page 2 - more of the same, blues and purples! :-)

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Queen of the Needle Update

The lighting on this picture isn't perfect - I took some with a flash and some without. Surprisingly, the ones without flash washed the color out until the fabric looked white (it isn't - it's pink). This one was with the flash, and the colors are a little "truer".

I don't feel like I made a ton of progress this week on this one. I finished the leaves in the row of pink and white flowers, and then I stitched the white flowers and the pink flowers. It's hard to see in the picture (I should have taken a close up of just that row). The white daisy looking flowers have smyrna crosses for the centers and satin stitches for the petals, and the pink flowers are just straight stitches in three different colors - I think there are something like 36 or 40 stitches in each flower. It took a TON of concentration because it wasn't just counting! The next row is pansies.

If you aren't familiar, it's a Just Nan pattern. There's a medallion type thing that goes in the middle of that spot with the top of it being between the two pink flowers in the middle. It's kind of challenging (not in a bad way) in that it requires some concentration on my part because of the specialty stitches. The white lacy stitching on the top was supposed to be pearl cotton, but I gave up because I couldn't get the stupid needle threaded! Sad, but true!

Any, thanks for looking!
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