Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spanish Geometric Sampler

This is the whole picture - you can't see the beads very well - I have beaded the top most band and the two left most bands. They don't show up very well in the picture.

I tried to take a closer picture, but I don't know that it's a whole lot better. I will try to do some better close up pictures when I do my next photo op. I did discover (when looking at the picture) that I have a couple things I have to fix - I'm missing some green stitches next to the purple motif in the top row, and there are supposed to be purple beads in the center of each of the purple motifs in that row. But, alas, my beading patience has run out for a while! LOL

This whole beading process has given me a whole new appreciation for those of you who stitch in hand. I am an avid Q-Snap user, but I can't really put this back on the Q-Snaps to bead it for fear that I will crush the beads. So I've been attaching the beads "in hand" and it's a challenge! But - there's no deadline for it, so I will do it as I can, and it will get done when it gets done! Now....on to something else - probably Frederick, depending on what jumps out at me when I open my WIP box (which is a really bad phrase to use when I'm watching Hoarders on TV - because in that case, things really do jump out of boxes! LOL)
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Queen of the Needle

Here's the progress I've made this week on Queen of the Needle. It's a fun stitch, with some specialty stitches. The only thing I've changed (so far) is that the pattern called for Perle Cotton for some of the white, but I didn't like trying to stitch with it (mostly struggled with even just threading the needle! LOL). The roses (the pink flowers) are a funny little stitch, and the hearts are stitchined with kind of a satin stitch. The white row under the hearts is a "fan" stitch. In between the two sets of pansies there is a charm that gets attached, and there are also some other beads to attach. Obviously, I'll leave all of those for last.

Thanks for checking it out!
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Sunday, January 15, 2012


So - it has been a ridiculously long time since I've posted in here.  Part of it was just being busy, and part of it was that I had lost my stitching mojo for a while.  But - I seem to have it back!  (And, by the way, thank you to those who were concerned that I hadn't posted for a while - it does make you feel good when people "miss" you!).

Anyway - when I resurrected my stitching mojo, I stitched a little bit more on my Vegas picture - but I'm not posting a picture until I finish the page I'm on.  But as a reward for finishing a row of blocks, I started a new project!  (That's a way to jump start mojo right - start something new!).

The something new I started is a Lizzie Kate - always a fun easy stitch.  I found it when I organized my stash over New Years - I knew I had the pattern, but I didn't realize that the pattern came with the fabric and the threads - so no work to kit it up!

The pattern is a 2008 Special Edition called "Christmas is Forever".  Here is my progress so far:

And here is the sideways picture of what it will look like what it's finished!  LOL  (I can't figure out how to rotate the picture on here, but you get the general idea.

As is always the case with a Lizzie Kate pattern, it's been a fun stitch so far.

My Southern California Stitchers group had a LOVELY get together yesterday.  Six of us descended on one the home of a very generous group member, and settled in for about 6 hours of stitching, talking, laughing...and oh yeah, lunch!  We had a great time, and that's where I got a lot of time in on this project.

I'm hoping to get back into a rhythm of rotating my projects AND updating my blog!  Wish me luck (I think I vow to be a better "blogger" every year!  LOL)