Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Holiday, Another Blog Post!

 First - an overall picture of where I am as of now on "6 Fat Men".  This one is fun to stitch - blocks of color, no fractionals, no backstitching to speak of (there are a couple of straight stitches - still to be done - on the windows on the house to create panes), and only a couple of French knots (the owls eyes - not done yet).

Here is one of the two blocks I most recently finished - I think I finished this one either Tuesday or Wednesday.

 This one I finished a couple of weeks ago - just hadn't gotten around to taking and posting a picture!  The owl will get black beads (in place of French knots) for his eyes so he won't look quite so possessed!

I have another "finish" - this time it's page 1 of my second HAED (both of which are WIPs) - this one is called "Wonders of Chicago" and is all landmarks from my FAVORITE city in the US!   This time I'm stitching tent stitches - 2 over 1 on 25 count.  The coverage (at least to me) seems about the same as full X's over 1 with 1 strand.  But the stitching goes MUCH faster!  LOL

Here is Page 1 in perspective in the whole project - page 1 of 24 pages.

And finally - my new start!  It's a Big Toe Design - it says "Remember - as far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family".  I was looking for a variegated blue to do the lettering, and while at my LNS for a stitching day yesterday I found this really fun thread (well, I think it's fun) that has bright shades of all different colors.  I figured for a kind of tongue in cheek pattern, the thread would be fun.  My next step with it is to change out the colors for the flowers that go with it.  The original pattern has the flowers stitched in rather subdued colors, which just won't match up with the colors in this thread.  So I'm going to try to pull DMC colors that match each of the colors in this thread and use them for the flowers.

Sorry this is so long - been two months so lots to show you!  Thanks for checking it out!