Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another "Finish"

Well, I finished page 2 of Boulevard of Dreams, my first ever HAED - I've been tracking some statistics just because I'm a geek that way:

Some statistics (probably only interesting to me, but.....LOL)

Page 2:
Started - 7/8/11
Finished - 3/18/12
Days Stitched - 29 Days
Time Stitched (Page 2 only) - 61 Hours
Time Stitched (Project to date) - 140 Hours
Stitches (Page 2 only) - 7,546
Stitches (Total Project so far) - 15,386
Percent Completed - 7.33%

I don't normally keep track of my stitching time, but for this particular project I have an Excel spreadsheet that I open up each time I start stitching and track it.  I know when I'm done, people will ask, and I will want to know, how long it took me to stitch it!  LOL

And - by way of comparison - here is how much is done in relation to the whole project - YIKES!!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Quick Finish for my Niece

I stitched this up for my niece who is graduating from high school this year (obviously!  LOL).  It's a Bobbie G Designs pattern called, shockingly enough "Congrats".

It was a fun quick stitch - colorful, fun, and easy.  I think I finished it up in about 2 weeks or so.  I made a couple of changes (so what's new).  The pattern didn't call for outlining all of the letters (just some of them - which didn't make a lot of sense to me).  I outlined all of them, and also outlined the mortarboard and the stars.  To me, without any backstitching, the stars looked like blobs!  LOL

The pattern also didn't allow for the personalization - but I figured without it, there's no way of knowing it was made especially for her! 

My plan is to go to Joanne's and find some fun whimsical fabric that matches some of the colors in the picture (which shouldn't be hard - there are a BUNCH of colors in there, all fun colors!) and then a friend of mine is going to make me a tuck pillow to put it in.  I figured that way it can go on her bed or on a shelf.  I'm hoping she'll take it with her when she leaves for college in the fall - she's off to Brigham Young! 

Obviously, the actual project has her last name and the name of her school, I just hate to post that much info on the internet.

Thanks for checking it out - once the pillow is done I will post pictures of that as well.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finished a Lizzie Kate Christmas Project

This was a really fun project to stitch. It was a travel project, so I worked on it at lunch time at work as well as at a stitching get together a couple of weeks ago. I did make one mistake - the bottom border is off one row. It sould have been even with the last little spot where things stick out on the side borders. I realized it when I got all the way across, but I didn't want to rip it out. First off, I didn't think it would REALLY make a difference (in fact it gave me room to put my name and the year - otherwise there would have only been one row in between the cardinal block and the bottom border), but more importantly, the red is a Crescent Colors red, and it's not colorfast. I was afraid if I took it out I would leave red color where I frogged. So I left it - and I'm okay with that!

Now I'm working on another Lizzie Kate - it's a Halloween design that says "Velcome" and has Frankenstein, Dracula and (I think) a ghost.....I'm not looking at it, so I'm not sure! LOL

Thanks for checking out my blog!
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