Sunday, February 19, 2012

Halfway Done with Frederick

Well, the top shelf of Frederick is done......still have the second shelf (and the backstitching) to do. This one is a pretty easy stitch except for the stitching on black issue! LOL

Now I think I'll pull out my Heaven and Earth Designs Vegas picture......that one I may be still working on 10 years from now! LOL
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finished Letters, Leprechauns, & Luck

Well, when my stitching group got together yesterday I "finshed" this one - it was a Blue Ribbon Designs pattern called "Letters, Leprechauns, and Luck".

I made a few minor changes to the pattern, and one major one! LOL

I used the DMC conversions on the chart, and changed (1) the flags on the top and bottom (subbed what was a reddish color and changed it to a more "orange" color), (2) the pots of gold on the top and bottom (made the bottom row of black one stitch smaller on each side so it looked like a pot), (3) made the J shorter (for some reason, it was taller than the other letters), (4) filled in the Celtic not (the pattern JUST had it outlined - it's between the O and the P), and finally, as usual, I subbed beads for the French Knots (on the snake - his eyes, and on the house - the door knob).

The big change I made was that the pattern called for the border to be filled in with a "checker" stitch. I tried it out, and I didn't like the coverage. I think the problem might have been that I stitched on 28 count and the model was stiched on 40 count. But I'm happy with the "open" look of not filling it in.

So I needed to figure out another travel project. I have my Lizzie Kate Christmas one I'm working on "Christmas is Forever" and I also kitted up another Lizzie Kate pattern - this one is a Halloween pattern called "Velcome" It has Dracula, a Ghost, and Frankenstein on it - but cute versons of them! LOL

Anyway, thanks for looking!
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