Monday, September 28, 2009

Victorian Dollhouse Update

I was lucky enough to have a whole day of stitching time on Saturday - a group of us that used to be able to get together every other Friday evening had a full day outing to a local crafts store. There were a total of 10 of us there to talk and stitch...sometimes more talking than stitching, but it is just so much fun to get to meet up with other local stitchers.

I spent all my time working on my Victorian dollhouse. I've posted a picture, both of the full project and of the most recently completed room. This one is taking a while, but I typically work on it at lunch time at work (and I'm only working two days a week) or if I'm a stitching "get together". It needs a table etc.
Thanks for checking it out - I really appreciate all of your opinions and feedback!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Raining Men....Hallelujah, it's Raining Men...

...well....maybe more appropriately it's SNOWING men!!! I've finished my third member of the Snowman Trio (a Stitchy Kitty pattern)....I finished stitching Milly today.

As mentioned, Milly is part of a trio.....she has friends (or maybe they're family members) Chilly and Willy!

The pictures don't really do them justice (wait....I don't mean that my stitching is that beautiful). I just meant the color of the fabric. It's really light blue - tried to make it look like the sky. Each of them will eventually be holding buttons - I think Chilly has snowflakes to hold, Willy has a cardinal and a bluebird, and Milly has hearts. I'm going to wait until closer to finishing time to attach them. My plan (although I've never done this before) is to try to make a tri-fold out of them. It's going to be a hostess gift for whichever of my siblings hosts our family Christmas get together. We shall see!!!
Now - I've also been working on perforated paper ornaments for my family - I need to make at least six - I may make eight in order to also give them to do of my friends. I've finished two of them - except for some beads because I HATE French knots. Here are the two I've finished....

They're going to get felt on the backs of them, and then wire hangers (I'm channeling Joan Crawford here, except instead of "NO WIRE HANGERS" I am using wire hangers!). When I get them all done, I'll share....

I'm feeling REALLY good - it's the middle of September and I've made quite a bit of progress on Christmas stitching already!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and thanks for all of your kind comments!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MawMaw's Quilt is FINISHED!

I've finished MawMaw's Quilt by M was a fun, challenging project. It's on 40 count linen, over 2, so it's the smallest stitching I've ever done. I used the fabric and floss the pattern called for, which means it was the first time I've used silk floss. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish it - most likely I'll frame it, but I'm not sure about mat colors or frame styles. Something kind of rustic, I'm thinking since it's a quilty design.

Now it's on to something new - probably some ornaments to get ready for Christmas. I also have a pattern of the famous "Las Vegas" sign that I think I'll work on...might make that one into an ornament as well for a friend of mine who (like me!) loves to go to Vegas!!!

Thanks for checking it out!!
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