Sunday, January 24, 2010

ABC Lessons

Here is my progress this week - this is a nice easy stitch, and it's a nice break between Frederick and Angel of Cross Stitch. I have five out of nine rows done. I discovered an error on the letter B block, but I'm not going go back and fix it. The top line of the B is supposed to go one stitch further out (you can kind of see it on the D, the E, the F, the N, and the P). But....I'm okay with it!

And it looks like there's a floating dot for no apparent reason between the P and the l in the word Play (kind of underneath them). It's not as random as it looks - it's a dot over an I in one of the words below - it just happened that it was actually closer to the P and L than it is to the I it floats above, so I decided to stitch it while I was doing those letters.

Now this week I'm back to Angel of Cross Stitch...there will be lots of sighing because it's time to do the border. I vowed I was going to do the border a little at a time but....the best laid plans, as they say!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and, as usual, for all your comments!
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Frederick the Literate

Well, another week of stitching on Frederick. It's slow going (the whole stitching on black thing!) but I'm happy with it so far.

Had a busy end of the week....Friday got a phone call from a friend of mine...long story, she needed someone to look after her granddaughter for a couple of hours because her (friend's) grandmother-in-law was back in the hospital after only a couple days at a few hours of running around to get her and drop her back off, etc.......

Saturday we watched football, and then went to my brother's 50th birthday. It was fun! My other brother hosted a Texas Hold'Em tournament (I didn't play, but Mike did) and we ate a bunch of my brother's favorite things. His wife is awesome, so it was very nice!

Today more football.....and more relaxation.......

Now this week I'm working on Lizzie Kate's ABC Lessons - a MUCH easier project thatn this one! LOL
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas ABC's

Well, I think I said I was going to turn over a new leaf and stay on top of my blogging this year...oh well! I took the picture on Sunday, I just forgot to post it in here! LOL

I spent a week stitching away on my ABC Christmas by Lizzie Kate - this is a fun stitch. It was a kit (well, came with the pattern and the floss, had to buy your own fabric). I love the colors and the overdyed floss. Not sure what I'll do with it when it's done, but I love it! LOL

Thanks for checking out my blog - this week I'm stitching on Frederick the Literate - big change as far as the "challenge" level - stitching on black with dark colors! LOL But it's another fun one.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dollhouse Project

Well, I've finished another room on my dollhouse...the kitchen this time. The picture quality isn't the best - I did about four pictures with my camera set on "auto" and four more with it on close up, and this was the best one! LOL

Here's the whole picture as it stands right now. It's pretty big - I took the picture on top of a folding TV tray, and it pretty much covers the whole top of it. It's a magazine pattern from an issue of Cross Stitch Gold - I think it was in 2008, but I don't remember what month. It's my "big" travel project. I stitch on it at lunch time at work, or if I'm somewhere stitching that I have a table I can use - it's too big otherwise! I really like the colors - kind of a combo of pastels and bolder colors. Lots of backstitching still to do after I'm done with the regular stitching.
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A Quick Finish

Well, this was my little travel project, and I finished it today. I haven't attached the charms yet - I just laid them on top to take the picture. I'm not sure when I'm going to frame this, and I didn't want to store it with the charms attached. It's a Hinzeit (sp?) pattern - they have a bunch of these with different words and they include the charms. I have another one that says "Hockey" - I thought I might do the hockey for my brother's 50th birthday later this month, but my family tricked me and we're having his birthday party THIS Sunday. His birthday's not til the 20th, so I wasn't "ready"! LOL

Thanks for checking it out!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Angel of Cross Stitch Progress

Woohoo!!!! I finished the picture part of Angel of Cross Stitch!!! I had pulled this out and kept it out for a couple of weeks over the holidays rather than adhering to my "normal" weekly rotation. I wasn't sure how much stitching time I was going to have, so I figured I'd leave this one out and stitch away. Then I realized I was getting REALLY close to finishing the picture part (still have half the border to do, plus all the back stitching), so I decided to just plug along and get it done. Worked out well - I stitched quite a bit last night, and then a lot today while we watched football. And just now I put in the last stitch.

So, I'll put this away for three weeks while I rotate on my other three projects. And then I'll tackle the rest of the border!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and thanks for all the comments!!

And oh yeah....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope 2010 brings you all you wish for!
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