Monday, May 28, 2012

Finished my Spanish Geometric Sampler

I have a finish!  The pattern is called "Spanish Geometric Sampler" and it is by "The Needle's Content".  It's hard to tell in the full picture, but it has a lot of purple and green beads (well, not purple and green beads...purple beads AND green beads).  It called for two packages of each I was going along, I was REALLY worried I was going to run out of the purple beads.  So I called my LNS (which isn't SUPER local - it's about a 30 - 40 minute drive) to see if they had them, and then a friend who lives right near there....she picked them up for me because we were meeting halfway between our houses for dinner that night.  When I finished stitching, I had about 50 purple beads left out of the original two packages, so I worried for nothing!  LOL

Here are some closeups of the worked out really well because one of my online stitching groups (the same one who was doign the "blue" theme last month) was doing a purple theme this month.  So I worked on the beading all month long, and finished it last night.

If you've made it thru all these pictures - thanks for checking it out!