Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One more week on my HAED

Well, it's another week on Boulevard of Dreams. Still lots of blues and purples.....still not QUITE done with page 1. I think the next week it comes up in the rotation I'll finish Page 1. It's going to literally take me years, but that's okay - it's all about the trip, not just the destination. (Although in the case the destination is pretty awesome - since it's a picture of Vegas! LOL).

And after I finish this one, I have a Chicago one to do next (assuming I have any inkling of sanity left!).
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Frederick the Literate

Here's my progress on Frederick the Literate. One of my stitching groups has been talking about this one and doing a Stitch-Along of it. I'm not officially participating in it (I've got too many other projects I'm juggling to commit wholeheartedly to this one) but it was like an old friend when I pulled it out.

I'm not even a big cat fan - but I am an avid reader, so it's half fitting for me! I just thought it was a really cute picture.

For those that don't know, it's a Dimensions kit. However, the only part of it that's really Dimensions for me is the pattern - I subbed out different fabric (they had stiff aida, and Dimensions - at least in my opinion - doesn't give you enough fabric, and I just didn't want to deal with that. Then I found a Dimensions / DMC conversion and converted it all to DMC floss.

Anyway, thanks for looking. This was actually my progress picture from LAST Sunday (the 19th) I just never got around to blogging it.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HAED Progress

Well, after another week of stitching, I've finished another three rows of blocks of stitching (roughly 2,400 stitches, plus the overflow into the next row). Now it will get put away for another week while I work on another piece. You can kind of see mountains coming into focus in the picture......

Thanks for checking it out!
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finished another page

Well, I finished another page of my "Spanish Geometical Sampler". This has been my travel project forever (it seems). It's a perfect travel project even though it's a little big. Because things repeat it doesn't take a lot of counting (you just have to follow along with what you've previously stitched.

It's a four page pattern, and I just finished page 2. But that's really more than halfway done with the stitching, because pages 3 and 4 aren't full pages. But then again, I'm probably less than halfway done because it gets beads as well.

Thanks for looking!
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Progress Picture

Here is my latest progress on my Blue Ribbon Designs project - the name of it is something like "Letters, Leprechauns, and Luck" (or something along those lines!). I'm liking it - it's an easy stitch - the little extra partially stitched squares are just to use up the end of a piece of floss.....

Thanks for checking it out.
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Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, this picture was to try to give some perspective on just how LITTLE progress I've really made on my HAED. I shouldn't minimize it, a start is a start, right?

The pages of the pattern are (approximately) 8 squares across and 10 squares down, so 80 squares to a page. There are 35 pages (not all complete pages, but for the sake of simplicity, I'm going to say they are full pages. So, that makes 2,800 total squares. I have completed 24 squares (plus some fractional ones, but I only count "full" squares. That means I am approximately 0.86% of the way done! LOL

To add to the ambitiousness of the project, I am not working only on this. I have a total of four "home" projects and one "travel" project in a rotation. The travel project is a repetitive geometric design, so it's ideal for travel. I don't want my other three home projects to get neglected. So I'm going to work one week on this project, then a week on project A, then a week on this one, then a week on project B, etc. So I will stell get time in on my other projects.

Thanks for checking it out...

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Started my First ever HAED

Well - I did it!!! I took the plunge! This is the beginning of my first ever HAED! It's a design called "Boulevard of Dreams" and it's a picture of the Las Vegas strip at dusk. So the sky is all sorts of blues and purples.

I gridded just the horizontal lines (except for the left hand edge) because I figured as long as I could find the four corners, I could "make" the square out of it. I was too anxious to start, so I only gridded the first ten lines (the pages are 98 stitches long, so ten rows gives me the first pages going across.

The pattern calls for 2 threads on 25 count - I can't imagine how you would begin to do that. I'm doing 1 over 1, and the coverage is fine. I have another picture, which will show just how small this portion is in comparison to the whole picture. However, I've been struggling to get the pictures to post in Blogger. I finally got this one to post by going into Picasa and choosing the "Blog This" option. However you can only do one picture at a time that way.

I also have been keeping track of my time. Since this is a stitch at home project, I've built an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the time, and I've been counting full squares as "done". Obviously, I cross over into other squares, so the time I've spent and the number of completed squares aren't REALLY a clean match. So far, there are 24 completed squares, and I've stitched for 32 hours. But I don't strictly stitch - the television is always on, and the computer is next to me so I am periodically "distracted".....LOL

Anyway, thanks for checking it out....I think I'll post the other picture on a second blog post. Or maybe I'll see if I can edi this and add a picture. We shall see!
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