Thursday, November 27, 2008

Latest BoInk completion

Well, I've finished the most recently issued section of BoInk. I've decided to concentrate on this one for a bit. With the holidays approaching, my stitching time is a little more disjointed than normal. So rather than constantly pulling projects in and out of rotation, I'm just going to stitch on this one. I have one more block to finish (to be current) plus a lot of border. So...for the time being this is it.

Meanwhile, today is Thanksgiving (at least here in the USA). A good time to reflect back on all the things we have for which to be thankful...for me, that means a loving family, a roof over my head, a job with which to pay the bills, good friends, and probably the biggest thing I'm thankful for this year is the fact that our little trooper Anthony (my great-nephew) pullled through his cancer scare with no lasting damage, and is just doing AWESOME!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Angel of Cross Stitch progress

Here's a close up of the area I was working on this week - mostly what I did was the brown posts and diagonal of her stitching frame. This section didn't have a TON of confetti stitches (although I think there are four or five shades of brown in that area, along with four or five shades of gray...but at least not a lot of single stitches!)

Here's a picture of the whole thing so is coming along slowly but surely!!! (Sorry the picture is a little blurry!)

It was an emotional week for me, so not a lot of stitching time. Sunday night I went to a friend's house for dinner - it was a memorial get together for my friend's akita. I know, sounds silly, but it was more an excuse for us to all have dinner together. Barney would have been 14 on that day, and Ralph had him put to sleep the Friday I left for Vegas. He was an awesome dog, and he just didn't need to suffer any more. It's pretty unusual for an akita to live that long...bigger dogs tend to have health problems.

Then Wednesday I had to go to a funeral for a former co-worker. I worked for three years as the accountant for a law firm, and this lady was the mother of one of the partners. She came in and helped me the first part of every month with billing, and she was just an awesome woman. She was the same age as my parents (would have turned 74 later this month) and had lung cancer. Besides working together, we did a few things together socially, so I knew her pretty well. She was the mother of four, grandmother of six (one of whom was just born 2 weeks before she passed away), and had a zest for life that you just don't see very often. She led an inspirational life - she was twice divorced, and worked hard to keep her family together. It speaks of her character when her FIRST ex-husband was at her funeral...and they were divorced probably 40 years ago. So...since I am an emotional basket case at funerals, my eyes were in no shape to stitch Wednesday night! LOL

Oh well - thanks for looking, and thanks for listening to me ramble!
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Finished and Framed

Here is Jodi and David's housewarming gift, all framed and ready to go. We're going to their house next Sunday so I will have the perfect opportunity to give it to them. I'm really happy with the way it turned out (the blotch in the bottom right hand corner which scared me on the first picture is actually the reflection of me taking the picture - D'uh!!!!).

I did decide (after getting this framed and dropping off my two "5:00 Somewhere" pictures yesterday that my next framing finish I am going to try to do myself. I can't get over how expensive framing is...and I've had coupons for all of it!
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Book of Ink Circles Update

Well, here is my BoInk Circles as of now....I was happy, I got two blocks done this week, and it was only a partial week because I was finishing up Jodi and David's housewarming gift (which is at the framers right now). So I'm only missing one block (that top right hand corner one) to be caught up...well, that and a whole lot of border!!!

Here's the top center block (I think it was the third block released).

And...the most recent block released....I think it's block 10, but I've lost count! LOL

Thanks for checking out my blog!