Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finished a fun design

Well, I finished a travel project I was working on.....this was SO much fun to stitch.  I made some changes to the pattern - it called for the lettering and the border to all be stitched in a subtly variegated blue, and the flowers were more subdued colors.  I started it stitching it the DMC equivalents, and made a counting mistake that.  By the time I discovered it, I was too far gone to frog, so I decided to start over.  When I was going to start over, I decided to use some opalescent fabric that I had bought from Silkweavers (their Facebook sale) and then when I was at a new LNS I decided to look at their overdyeds.  I found this really awesome one from Threadworx called Bradley's Balloons.....variegated with all all these fun bright colors!

So then I converted the flower colors to bolder colors (to try to match the colors in the variegated floss) and made the border a solid color because I felt it would be too busy if it was multi-colored as well.  I am happy with how it turned out....

Oh, and by the way, the pattern is from My Big Toe Designs, and it's called "Normal Family".  It cracks me up because My Big Toe seems to focus on more religious themed designs, and this seemed rather sarcastic for them.

Thanks for checking out my blog.....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It is one of those "kind of" a holiday holidays! LOL

So - inadvertently following my "if it's a holiday, it must be time to post" I have a blog update today!  (For those who don't know - tomorrow is Columbus Day.  I'm not off work, but some people are and the post office and banks are closed - hence my description of "kind of" a holiday).

My local stitching group got together yesterday at our "list Mom's" house. Some people actually went to a quilting show first - I opted to just meet them for the stitching portion of the day because most of my day today was going to be taken up with football.  I worked on "Six Fat Men" and got so close to finishing it, I decided to continue stitching on it last night and this morning at home (even though it's usually my "travel" project). 

For those who don't know the pattern, it's a Lizzie Kate - the six patterns are sold separately, and could certainly stand alone, but Lizzie Kate puts together the layout, the addition of the bird house, and the wording across the top and it's available on their website.  Each square has a small snowflake button for embellishment.  In a couple of cases the embellishment is just one more snowflake, but in other squares it's a doorknob, a bunny's tail, a knot in a scarf, or an extra flower on a hat.  This one was a fun stitch.  I changed up a few colors in the lettering - "Snow Day" and the wording at the very top (Snowmen Melt my Heart) were both supposed to be in white - but there wasn't enough difference between my tan fabric and the white.  Even though the snow and the snowflakes show up okay, the lettering didn't.  I am waiting for the six "Snow Belles" patterns to come out - I already have a matching piece of fabric to stitch those on!

And while I was stitching a lot of white snow on that as a travel project, at home I was stitching mostly black.....

Here is my progress so far on "Love, Quaker Style" - it's an Aury TM Design.  It's stitched on 30 count white linen and I really am liking the contrast.  It's the first Quaker design I've ever done.  I've been trying to complete one page at a time, but also complete full motifs if they crossed over onto other pages.  However, it was kind of time to quit one night, and I just didn't feel like pulling out another project in my rotation, so I violated my own rule.  I would say this is somewhere between 1/4 and a 1/6th of the whole project - I forgot to look how many pages it was total! LOL

Anyway - thanks for checking things out.  It will be interesting to see how my travel projects go the next few weeks.  I work two jobs (one M/W/F and one T/Th) and my travel project gets worked on during lunch at the two jobs.  This coming Wednesday is my last day at my CURRENT M/W/F job, and then the following Wednesday is my first day at a new one.  I'm not sure what my lunches will be like at that job to know whether I'll be able to stitch....time will tell!

Thanks for checking out my blog - I do appreciate it!