Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stop and Stitch the Flowers...

Another week, another bunch of squares on here. I made a couple of minor changes....the 7 seemed to have one stitch too many (it went lower than any other character) so I left one stitch off. The blue square that's up between the C and the D was supposed to have two shades of blue.....but the blues didn't look different enough to me so I replaced the lighter blue with white. The funny thing is that now that I see the picture, the two blues (which are in the flower between V & W) look different enough in the pictures, just not in real life! LOL Finally, the J looked too long and too narrow - again, it went higher in the square and lower in the square than other characters, so I fixed that and I also made the hook at the bottom of the J wider.

Anyway, that's been my project this week. Now I'll be stitching on MawMaw's Quilt this week. I think I only have another couple weeks left on it - I'm on the last diamond. Someone in one of stitching groups finished hers, and it looks really nice!

Hope you all had a good week - and lots of stitching time!!! Thanks for looking, and thanks for all your comments!
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Angel of Cross Stitch Update

Well, I got the wing done on my Angel of Cross Stitch...normally I would switch out tomorrow, but since I was at a good stopping point, I decided to switch tonight. I've gone through and pulled the colors for the next section, but I'll just set it aside until it next comes up on the rotation.

It's coming along - I guess extra stitching time is the one benefit to only working two days a week! LOL

Thanks for checking it out - and thanks for your comments!!
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Friday, August 7, 2009

An early finish

Here's an unusual occurence for me - I have finished this one, and I'm not planning on giving it to my aunt until her birthday (here's a shock - her birthday is in March - bet you couldn't have figured that out!). It's pretty small - I don't remember the exact measurements, but I'm thinking it's like 4 x 8 or's hard to see in this picture, but it used some stitches I haven't done before, and a couple spots used perle cotton, which I also haven't used before. I think my aunt will enjoy it - she's my Godmother, and we're pretty close.

Thanks for checking out my blog!
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

MawMaw's Quilt

Well, here's my MawMaw's Quilt progress for the week...I am on the last section! (Well, that and finishing the border - big shock, me with border left!!!).

I'm really enjoying this piece. It's tiny (stitching it on 40 count linen, over 2, but still the tiniest I've ever done) but I love the colors and I love the pattern. So...even though it's slow going (or feels like slow going!) it's fun to stitch.

And on a non-stitching note - had a really fun day today - my niece Stacey and her husband Paul (along with one of their daughters) have July birthdays, one of their sons has a birthday in June, and another daughter has her birthday in August. They have one more son who's the "odd man out" with a February birthday. So...we had a family get together at a local lake complete with picnic lunch, a rented party boat, swimming for the kids, and just all in all a lot of fun! Those of you who were following my blog last year at around this time might remember Anthony - he's the one with the June birthday. He spent his third birthday (last summer) in the hospital having surgery for kidney cancer (had a SEVEN pound tumor removed).'s now a year later. He got his porta-cath removed last month (that's the way they deliver chemo drugs) which is the real sign that he is done with all of his treatments, and can get on with his life! What a difference a year makes! He turned 4 in June, and he'll start pre-school this fall. We are all SO thrilled!!!

Anyway...that's it for now! Thanks for checking out my blog!
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