Monday, April 30, 2012

A month of BLUE stitching! of my stitching groups is doing a monthly "theme".  And the theme for April was "blue" - the thought was you could interpret it anyway you wanted to.  In my case, it lent itself perfectly to stitching on my HAED pattern.  The pattern is "Boulevard of Dreams" and  right now it's a BOATLOAD of blue!  So, even though I normally would have put it away after I finished page 2, I kept it out and stitched on it all thru the month of April.  I had finished Page 2 on 3/20, and got the better part of Page 3 done by the end of the month.

The month of May's theme is "purple".  Again, I have a project tailor made for it - I'm working on the beading for my Spanish Geometric Sampler, and the beads are purple and green.  Every time I say that, it sounds funny - the beads are not purple and green.  There are purple beads, and there are green beads!  LOL

Anyway, thanks for checking it out......

And oh yeah, I also finished a "travel" project - my Halloween Lizzie Kate "Velcome".  Here's a picture of THAT (I don't think I posted one before...LOL)