Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frederick the Literate

Here is my progress for another week of stitching on Frederick the Literate. I got the whole rust colored book done (the second from the right - the area that looks empty on it really is stitched with black), plus the start of the blue book. It's a two page pattern, with two bookshelves, and the rust colored book is split half and half between the two I've now moved to the second page (although I still have the whole SECOND shelf to do on the first page! LOL).

One of my stitching groups is doing a challenge for the month of May to try to average 100 stitches per day. I haven't decided for sure whether to join in....I probably will, but I'm going to be starting out at a disadvantage - I'll be out of town May 1st-3rd, and won't get any stitching done while I'm gone....but we'll see!!!

Anyway - thanks for checking out my blog...and as usual, thanks for all the comments!!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christmas ABC's

Well, another week on Christmas ABC's.....Lizzie Kate, if it isn't obvious! I love Lizzie Kate patterns - they're nice easy stitching, and they're cute!

Somewhere in the row that says "King, Lights, Mistletoe" I got off by a half a row. I'm stitching over 2, and on the next row noticed that I was an odd number of threads away by the time I got the t in Ornament.'s not very noticeable, and I know if I frog it, I'll end up leaving red marks where I've taken out the red threads. I figure if I even out the "Quiet, Reindeer, Snowman" line (keep the bottom of that row lined up) then I can finish the "Nutcracker, Ornament" line using the line below it as a reference point. If it was perfect, it wouldn't be homemade, right?

Thanks for checking out my blog - and thanks for all your comments!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Backstitching Difference

This is one side of the dollhouse roof - after I did the backstitching on it. It makes the shingles look like shingles, and the ornate little doodads on the top look more polished. I'm not done with the backstitching on the room yet, but I can see how it makes the wood scallops (or whatever you want to call them) stand out.

Here is a comparable piece of the roof (the other side of the house) without the backstitching. I think it really drives home the point of how the backstitching makes the piece come to life!

Thanks for checking out the pictures.....and for all your comments!
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Angel of Cross Stitch

Well, I'm another two weeks into Angel of Cross Stitch. I didn't do a lot of stitching the week before last since I had a cold so I was going to bed early and stuff. So, I decided to keep stitching on Angel for a second week....I still have border left to do....sigh.....just flowers now. The top half of the left hand side and most of the top. I THINK (famous last words) that I should be able to finish the border the next time it comes up in my rotation. Although I think I might have said that last time! LOL Then it will be backstitching time! I always debate with myself whether to do the backstitching as I go or leave it until the end. I usuallly end up leaving it until the very end, I love watching it make the design come alive. But when I'm getting bored with backstitching, I end up regretting the decision! LOL

Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for your comments!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dollhouse cross stitching is DONE

Well, as I projected, I finished the cross-stitching for the dollhouse - now it's just the outlining (and LOTS of it!). I've already started it - I have the first piece of the roof done (on the left hand side), and I can already see a difference. I'm going to try to remember to bring it in the house and take a picture of each roof section close up - one with the backstitching done, and one without it. The backstitching will be worth it, it's just going to take a while....ho hum!!!!
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