Monday, June 23, 2008

Monopoly (and Anthony, of course)

Well, I got Oriental done, and most of Chance...still need to outline the question mark and actually stitch the word "Chance". That will happen next Sunday! LOL I actually stitched on this for a while at the mall on Sunday. It was SO hot this weekend (and our air conditioning isn't working) that we actually went and flopped in some comfy chairs at the mall. So I worked Saturday on some Christmas ornaments (perforated paper) and then on Sunday I dragged Monopoly along! It worked out fine, a little less convenient than at home (because at home I sit with a tv tray in front of me for my "stuff") but workable.

And of course, we're still all holding our breath for my great nephew Anthony. They were supposed to get the biopsy results today or tomrrow, which will let us know how much kidney function he will still have. They did the surgery Thursday afternoon and they removed one of his kidneys, the tumor, and the part of the other kidney that had been affected by the tumor. He can survive with only part of one kidney, but it remains to be seen how functional the remaining portion of a kidney will be. The surgeons said the tumor was 7 pounds 4 a 3 year old boy!!!! Poor kid, today is his third birthday, and he's spending it in the hospital!

My niece and her husband are SO unbelievably strong. They're holding it all together, which is tough. He's the youngest of four kids...the kids are all about two years apart, so they have a 5 year old, a 7 year old, and a 9 year old. And my niece hasn't been home in over a week, since home is about 2 1/2 hours from the hospital. Obviously, she has to stay with Anthony. This morning I mailed off two for the hospital (stuff for Anthony, plus a couple hand held toys for his visitors - Monopoly and a cool thing called 20 Questions), and one for the kids left at home. I figured their world has been turned upside down too, and they deserve a break!

It will be a long haul, but we are certainly keeping positive thoughts. So, please keep Anthony in your prayers!!! Thanks!!!
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Kelly said...

Looking good Kathy!

kaghos said...

I want to say you are doing a awesome job with the board game.

Meari said...

Monopoly looks good, Kathy. Good thoughts being sent Anthony's way. Poor little guy!

Terry said...

Monopoly is looking good. Can't wait to see it finished! Hugs and prayers from our family to you and Anthony and his family.

Nancy said...

You are making great project as a travel one! We have 20 questions in our office for the kids to play (orthodontist) and they are ALWAYS picking it up. That was a great thing to include!!