Sunday, August 2, 2009

MawMaw's Quilt

Well, here's my MawMaw's Quilt progress for the week...I am on the last section! (Well, that and finishing the border - big shock, me with border left!!!).

I'm really enjoying this piece. It's tiny (stitching it on 40 count linen, over 2, but still the tiniest I've ever done) but I love the colors and I love the pattern. So...even though it's slow going (or feels like slow going!) it's fun to stitch.

And on a non-stitching note - had a really fun day today - my niece Stacey and her husband Paul (along with one of their daughters) have July birthdays, one of their sons has a birthday in June, and another daughter has her birthday in August. They have one more son who's the "odd man out" with a February birthday. So...we had a family get together at a local lake complete with picnic lunch, a rented party boat, swimming for the kids, and just all in all a lot of fun! Those of you who were following my blog last year at around this time might remember Anthony - he's the one with the June birthday. He spent his third birthday (last summer) in the hospital having surgery for kidney cancer (had a SEVEN pound tumor removed).'s now a year later. He got his porta-cath removed last month (that's the way they deliver chemo drugs) which is the real sign that he is done with all of his treatments, and can get on with his life! What a difference a year makes! He turned 4 in June, and he'll start pre-school this fall. We are all SO thrilled!!!

Anyway...that's it for now! Thanks for checking out my blog!
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For Sale Or Trade dannmurray said...

Wow Kathy! Your progress on MawMaw's is terrific. I love the way it is turning out.

Excellent news about Anthony. Bet he is one happy little boy.

Miss 376 said...

What good news, and a great way to celebrate

Rene la Frog said...

MawMaw's Quilt is lovely ... better get to work on that border.

So happy to hear Anthony is doing so well.

5 Foot Runt said...

I must say I am reall impressed the this project. To be honest when I saw the picture on the chart I didn't think it was all that great but seeing you stitch it has certainly changed my mind. It's so pretty. It looks great.

SO happy to hear about Anthony. That is wonderful for him.

Robyn in Oz said...

MawMaw's quilt is such a pretty piece!
And how good is the news for Anthony!

Kathy said...

our stitching looks fabulous. It is a beautiful piece and it looks like you'll be done soon.

I am so glad to hear that little Anthony is doing well. I bet this was one wonderful happy Birthday celebration for all.

Stitcher S said...

It's really progressing! I love the colors together.

That's wonderful about Anthony. He's been through a lot.

Take care,
Sue (from your local stitching group)

Anonymous said...

You sure have made a lot of progress on your MawMaw picture. Happy to hear about your nephew and a nice way to celebrate all the birthdays.


Carolyn NC said...

I can't believe you have so little left to stitch - it looks fantastic! Great news about little Anthony!

sales said...

I am so glad that Anthony has made a full recovery! It sounds like you guys had great time! Your Quilt is looking great.

Nancy said...

Nice progress on your quilt and don't sell yourself short.....40 ct is tiny, even if it is over 2!!!! You have to SEE the 2 to get over them! LOL
Great news about Anthony too. I bet a huge weight has been lifted from everyone seeing him get healthy again.

Lisa said...

MawMaw's quilt is coming a long. It is beautiful! I, too, love the colors of it!
Congrats on the good news!
Take care!

Mel said...

This is such a stunning piece!

Katrien said...

MawMaw's Quilt looks fabulous.
Katrien - ILCS

Shelley - ILCS said...

MawMaw is looking fantastic!!