Sunday, October 25, 2009

Been a good stitcher, but a bad blogger!!

Well, I've been away from my blog for a while (took even me by surprise when I realized it had been almost a month since I posted anything!).
Had some good excuses though....
First off - a weekend in Las Vegas

There's our hotel room - we stayed at Green Valley Ranch - it's actually in Henderson, not in Las Vegas, but we really don't mind having to drive to get places. We got a GREAT deal on our stay there ($78 total for three nights!), which made having to drive places even more palatable!

While we were there, I was finally able to connect with Rene, from my ILCS group. The last time I was there, we were going to try but we got our signals crossed on which weekend I was going to be there. But this time all was good - we met at Stitchers Paradise where I picked up a piece of fabric for a new project, and a couple of Hinzeit (forgive me if I've spelled that wrong) patterns (with charms). One is for me (Stitching) and one is for my nephew (Hockey). You don't see a ton of hockey patterns, so I was happy to see that one.

Rene was very kind - I was the lucky recipient of one of her cute little cupcakes. I'm not sure if the picture does it justice - but here it is.

And finally - probably the biggest thing that has kept me from updating my blog...I've been stitching like a wild woman on Christmas ornaments for my family. This morning I put the final stitch in the 8th ornament! So I'm done with my family ornaments. All that's left is some beads (in lieu of French knots) and the final finishing (I'll back them with felt and attach wires for hangers). I'll wait until closer to Christmas to do that because they're easier to store this way.

And one more quick thing - a number of people have asked where the dollhouse pattern came from (my last update). It's from the British magazine "Cross Stitch Gold". Unfortunately, my pages are torn out of the magazine, and I don't still have the magazine to tell you what issue. I THINK (emphasis on think) that it was from March/April 2008. The issue has an elephant on the front cover - not a wild elephant, one that has the beaded decorations like when they're used in ceremonies and stuff. Hope that helps!

Anyway - now I've had it up to my eyeballs with snowmen! So...who knows what I'll pick up next (maybe get back to my rotation - what a novel concept!!!).
Thanks for checking out my blog - I do appreciate it, and all of your comments!!!


Shelley said...

Wow!! Your trip to Vegas sounds like much needed R&R and at such a great price!! Your ornies look fantastic. Glad to see you back blogging. Can't wait to see what you will pick up next.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Glad you had fun in Vegas, what a deal you had on the hotel. Very nice finishes on the ornaments. I have been stitching a ton of them myself. Was wondering where you were.

Anonymous said...

Oh, You have been busy. I had the pleasure of meeting Rene on my visit to Vegas too. Yes, she is a great lady. What a great price on hotel cost. I stayed on the strip and cost more for one day compared to your whole stay. Your ornies look lovely. Can not wait to see finished.
~Mary in TX -ILCS

Emily said...

You got a great deal on your hotel room, and glad you got to spend some time with Rene. Your snow people ornaments are nice, think I have those in my stash somewhere.

Nancy M said...

Great Vegas deal!! Lovely ornaments. I bet it feels great to have them done so far ahead of Christmas!

Kathy said...

Glad you were able to meet up with Rene.

Your ornaments are cute. I'm sure everyone will love them. And I don't blame you with being fed up with snowmen. :)

Mayté said...

You will have to give the information of that hotel!!!

The Christmas ornaments are very cute :)

Katrien said...

How great you got to meet Rene.

Your finishes are all very cute. I'm sure everyone will love them.
Katrien - ILCS

Mel said...

So cool that you met Rene in Vegas. I am so jealous of Vegas. Been there once and loved it.
Great looking ornies. :)

Sandy In Montana said...

Your snowmen are absolutely adorable, Kathy.

MaryT said...

Sounds like you had a good time in Vegas. You have been stitching like crazy on snowmen. but so worth it in the end they're really cute.

Janaina said...

Weekend at Las Vegas... Mmmm... =)
Glad you could meet an online freind. No pics?1 I would LOVE to see them! =P
Your snowppl are looking fab!!!! Love it!
Hugs from sunny Brazil!

crossstitchbibs said...

Nice work on your ornaments and I love your Hawaiian snowman!

Natasha said...

Those are super cute! Can you tell me the designer?
Thank you