Sunday, November 22, 2009

A new start

A quick blog update - I'm trying to get back on track with weekly blog updates and getting back into my rotation. Although this is a Christmas pattern, I'm not trying to get it done for this Christmas, and it's not a gift, so no rush on it.

I love this pattern - my sweetie bought me this one and the ABC Lessons one, both by Lizzie Kate. I started on this one first because Mike said he liked it better. Both patterns were sold as kits (well, almost kits - pattern and threads, but no fabric) so they came with the overdyed threads. I ran into a little issue along one edge (it's just on the edge, so it won't be a problem), but it let me know I need to be VERY careful. Where the edge of the fabric rubbed up against the red of the letter B, the edge picked up some red color. So - I'm being very careful to put paper towel around my fabric when I'm putting it away at the end of stitching time....hopefully that will keep it from happening on a more important part of the piece.

This week's project is Frederick the Literate. It will be challenging (stitching on black fabric) but I'm okay with that. My Ott Lite and I are good friends!!!

Thanks for checking it out - and, as always, thank you for your comments!!
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Nancy M said...

Looks nice! Good luck with the overdyed.....I've never had one bleed that badly or have to be treated so gingerly. What brand is it??

AFwife99 said...

What a cute Christmas pattern! Looks like a fun easy stitch to enjoy

Carolyn NC said...

Love the progress on the new pattern!

Joy said...

Love the colors!! LK has such cheerful designs and colors. I am sure you will finish it in time for Xmas!

Shelley said...

Very cute. I am with DH, I think the Christmas one is cuter than the ABC Lessons. What brand of thread is that so I make sure I take precautions too?