Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christmas ABC's

Well, another week on Christmas ABC's.....Lizzie Kate, if it isn't obvious! I love Lizzie Kate patterns - they're nice easy stitching, and they're cute!

Somewhere in the row that says "King, Lights, Mistletoe" I got off by a half a row. I'm stitching over 2, and on the next row noticed that I was an odd number of threads away by the time I got the t in Ornament.'s not very noticeable, and I know if I frog it, I'll end up leaving red marks where I've taken out the red threads. I figure if I even out the "Quiet, Reindeer, Snowman" line (keep the bottom of that row lined up) then I can finish the "Nutcracker, Ornament" line using the line below it as a reference point. If it was perfect, it wouldn't be homemade, right?

Thanks for checking out my blog - and thanks for all your comments!
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Mel said...

I can't even see where the error is. Wouldn't worry about it.
Looking great!

Irene said...

Looking good ! Speaking from experience :) you will never notice the mistake once you've finished it.

Janaina said...

With or without error, it looks awesome to me! =)
Great work!

Carolyn NC said...

I love this!

Vicky L said...

I am doing the ABC Lessons and I am off a stitch but I decided to leave it in because it is not noticeable. You are doing a great job. I definitely have to get this kit soon.

Shelley said...

Little oopsies like that make handmade items unique! Looks lovely.