Friday, July 8, 2011

Page 1 Done

Okay - so this is my first HAED ever - and I'm counting each page as a "mini-finish". So I've finished page 1, and I'm getting ready to start page 2.

Some statistics (probably only interesting to me, but.....LOL)
Started - 5/15/11
Finished - 7/5/11
Days Stitched - 25 Days
Time Stitched - 79 1/2 Hours
Stitches - 7,840
Percent Completed - 3.73%

Now onto page 2 - more of the same, blues and purples! :-)

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Nancy M said...

Congrats on your first "mini" finish! Only how many more to go???? LOL

Claudette497 said...

That's only 3.7 percent? I'm glad I don't do the math, I wouldn't have the strength to go on! Congratulations on the mini-finish.

SoCal Debbie said...

CONGRATS on your first Mini Finish! How many more to go?

I tried to keep track of my stitching hours, but I kept forgetting to write down the times when I stopped and started, so I just count start date and end date! I've never stitched a full coverage design, so I can't count the stitches and figure out the percentage.

mdgtjulie said...

Very pretty, Kathy. With HAED, you have to count page finishes or you'd get tired of never accomplishing anything!! Glad you had a mini finish, and can't wait to see more of this project!