Saturday, November 24, 2012

Finished Page 4

Here's what I have stitched so far - it's 4 pages out of 35.  It's slow going, and this will be a VERY long term project, but I am loving it.  It's called "Boulevard of Dreams" and it's a Heaven and Earth Designs pattern.  It's a Las Vegas sky line.  By the time I get to page 7 (the top right corner) there will be the very top of a building (It's the top of the Stratosphere, for those of you who know Las Vegas!  LOL)

This is where I am in the whole thing.  It's 7 pages wide by 5 pages tall, but the 7th page in each row is not a full page, and the 5th row of pages is not a full page.

Here are my statistics on the project so far.....I keep an Excel spreadsheet to track my time (doing that for this one and my other HAED I have in progress).

Page 4:

Started - 7/12/12
Finished - 11/23/12
Days Stitched - 35 Days
Time Stitched (Page 4 only) - 57 Hours
Time Stitched (Project to date) - 243 Hours
Stitches (Page 2 only) - 7,546
Stitches (Total Project so far) - 30,478
Percent Completed - 14.51%

Thanks for checking it out!


Rachel said...

Yikes! I read the stats and they scare me, LOL...but it does look like it will be stunning!!

htimcj said...

Looks great! The stats are kind of scary though!

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

Congrats on your "finish"! Pretty colors.

- Lisa N.

SoCal Debbie said...

That's beautiful, Kathy! Thanks for sharing the stats. Wow!