Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Next Part of BoInk Completed

Well, I woke up this morning with a major headache, so I decided to take a sick day. I fell back to sleep after Mike left for work, and didn't wake up again until 11:30 or so (so obviously, I was right to stay home!). But then I got in quite a bit of stitching (I also skipped bowling).

I finished the current part of BoInk..still not fully caught up, but now I'll work on some more border and maybe one of the previously released sections. I think I'll probably take this with me to Girls' Night Out on Friday too, so it should be a week full of progress!!
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Miss 376 said...

Being ill sometimes has it's advantages. Great to see another piece finished. Hope you feel better today

Gabi said...

Bolnk looks great. Hopefully you're headache is gone now

Carolyn said...

Hope you feel better now - BoInK is going great.

Mayté said...

I'm anxious to see it today at the GNO!!