Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Progress Photos

Well, I'm back to my "normal" rotation - so here's a picture of Frederick. I had him out for two weeks, but really only stitched on him one week. For some reason, I just didn't have my stitching mojo this past week. It seemed like by the time I got home from work, did whatever needed to be done around the house, I just couldn't muster up any interest in stitching. Might have been my car situation - which I will explain about at the end of this post. If anyone doesn't recognize it, it's a Dimensions pattern - Frederick the Literate. However - all I'm using of the kit is the pattern. I subbed out the floss for DMC, and the aida for black evenweave.

This next picture is progress on my travel project. It's not the typical travel project because it's not very small - but it makes an awesome travel project because the motifs are very repetitive and it only has five colors. It's not the greatest picture - I thought I took some with the flash and some without, but I don't think any of them had the flash on. The colors are purples and greens - three purples and two greens. This pattern is called "Spanish Geometric Sampler" and it's by "The Needle's Content". I saw someone else stitching it, and really liked it - wasn't easy to find, but 123Stitch was able to special order it for me.
And on to my car saga. We have (well, had) two cars - one is my Explorer, and the other was an 18 year old convertible that my Dad had given of us (because we had been sharing a car). Last Saturday, we were out for the day, and someone crashed into the convertible - the estimate to fix it is $13,000. Not likely to happen, since the high blue book value on the car is only about $2,000. So - now it's a matter of dealing with her insurance and my insurance....what a hassle!
And I did get to deliver the bingo picture and the baby sampler in the last week or two. My friend Diane LOVED the bingo thing - and she did notice her birthdate included in the picture. And yesterday I saw my niece and the baby, and gave them the birth announcement. Her hubby was sick, so I didn't get to see his reaction. My sister took a picture of my niece, the baby, and me, with the birth announcement. As soon as she sends me a copy, I will post it.
Thanks for checking out my blog!


Bernice said...

your projects are very lovely

SoCal Debbie said...

Your travel project has beautiful colors. Stitching Frederick on black fabric must be a challenge! Looks great!

Sorry to hear about the car. That's awful that a repair job costs more than the car value.

chrisstitches said...

Frederick the Literate is one I love to follow.
The other sampler I haven't seen yet, but you are making amazing progress on it.

Claudette497 said...

It's great to see Frederick back - yay for progress!

Joy said...

I love both pieces. You're like the 3rd or 4th person I've seen do Frederick the Literate. He's so cute.

Sorry to hear about the car. We're currently in a bad car situation as both of ours broke and got repoed.

My stepson and his wife got rear ended back in December. Took the other insurance 2 MONTHS to fix things and they only got $850 because they totaled the car but they decided to keep it since it's just some bumper damage. Hope yours goes better. Just hound the agent.

Nancy M said...

Nice progress. I put off the stitching I have to do on the dark fabric, I just can't go as fast as normal with them. I know someone else stitching the Spanish Geometric. It's a pretty piece!!! Car issues are a pain no matter what!!!!