Sunday, January 13, 2008

Next Start

Well, I actually finished my fractal on Wednesday. I then spent the rest of Wednesday organizing my floss. I use the "Floss-Away" type bags, because I like the fact that I can store the whole skein along with the bits and pieces you always end up with.
I had a TON of new floss to organize - I had bought lots of floss in preparation for doing the "Angel of Cross Stitch" pattern (it takes somewhere just short of 400 colors!) but the floss was just all in two bags and not organized. So, I bagged everything in its individual bags, and organized all those individual bags into four shoe boxes. THEN I realized that the piece of fabric that I had in the back of my mind to use for the angel wasn't big enough.
So, I ordered fabric, and then I thought "Well, okay, short term solution....let's start on ornaments". So I'm working on at least TWO sets of these ornaments. They seem like they won't take TOO long, although I can't do the beads yet (I ordered those along with my fabric). I can blame someone on my cross-stitch board for "enabling" me with these.....she had a picture and I just thought they were too beautiful to pass up!!

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