Sunday, January 6, 2008

Progress on "Walking to Town"

Here is my "work"'s a Dimension kit called "Walking to Town". Obviously, the picture on the top is my progress so far, the picture on the bottom is a picture of the picture as it SHOULD look when it's finished.
Progress on this one is going slowly but surely. I keep it at work, and work on it over my lunch hour each day. That gives me about five hours per week of stitching time. I bring it home every couple of weeks just to take a picture of it to "show off" my progress. It helps me because I actually get to see that I really AM making progress, and it's not just wishful thinking on my part!


Joanne said...

I really love that one. It is absolutely Beautiful. I look forward to seeing the finished project. Joanne/MI

Terry said...

This is very beautiful! WOW!